Gallery Wall Print Set

If you’re looking for a way to inject some personality into your home and cover up your bare walls, a perfect opportunity to bring together your favourite artwork and photographs is to create a beautifully decorated and personalised gallery wall, adding a unique touch to your living space.

How you compose your gallery wall is completely up to you, but before you start hammering the walls it’s good to have a plan in place first. We’ve compiled our four-part guide filled with top tips and tricks to help you on your way.


Finding the perfect prints

First things first pick your wall in need of a makeover, decide how big you want your gallery to be and the prints you would like to display. Think about whether you want to have a specific theme or colour scheme. Another thing to think about would be whether you want your wall to be stylish and modern or colourful, expressive and eye-catching? Our top tip is to add variety to your collection, for example, break up bright colours or heavy patterns by combining them with simple typography or minimalist line art prints to create a well-composed striking feature wall.

To frame or not to frame

There are many options when it comes to displaying your prints, take note of the surrounding interior where your prints will be featured to point you in the right direction. To achieve a clean-cut finish, standard frames are a sure match for a modern home. Alternately, if you’re wanting a more unique and cosy appearance, you may opt for a variation of mismatched, second-hand frames, to add some extra personality to your wall. Or maybe you want to keep it minimal, there is nothing wrong with going frameless and hanging your print bare!


Time for the test

Before you start drilling holes into the walls it is best to visualise your composition, a simple trick is to layout your prints firstly on the ground. This way you can try out different combinations of size, levels and shapes until you find the perfect ensemble. Make sure to consider the size of the space you have when planning your arrangement. Then once you have decided on the perfect layout carefully mark on the wall their ideal placement. 


Hanging your wall art

Now comes the fun part, it’s time to hang your prints and see your beautiful gallery wall come together. Start by hanging your statement piece first which should be displayed at eye level and from there begin to hang your supporting prints. When it comes to hanging your prints, it can be hard to find the right balance. To tackle this our top tips would be to ensure there is at least 3cm separating each print, this will stop them looking cluttered.


Now you have a beautiful gallery wall, and the best thing of all, you can change out or switch around your prints whenever you like to give your wall a refresh. Let us know if you have any more tips and tricks down in the comments.

January 03, 2021 — Graphic Print Company

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