The Christmas Gift Guide

Hard pressed to find the perfect gift for the person that matters the most? We've all been there. Whether you're struggling to find a gift for your hard-to-please friend or partner who already has everything. Why not capture their personality or interests in a print and bring a smile to their face Christmas morning.


The Film Buff

Do they spend their spare time watching the latest releases at the movies or binging on a new Netflix series on the sofa? Then why not frame their passion with one of our many minimalist film and TV prints. From the newest blockbuster to the independent classics, you'll be able to find something for them here with our extensive film & TV posters. Ask them to name some of their favourite films or shows and wallah one less present to think about. Our top pick this Christmas is the Grand Budapest Hotel, perfect for those Wes Anderson fans!

The Botanist

Stepping inside their apartment is like wondering through a greenhouse. Their home is filled with exotic flowers and an abundance of cacti everywhere, whilst their kitchen is home to homegrown fruit and veg. You can't buy them a succulent this year again! Mix up their style and add a pop of colour to their home, such as our pink flamingo flock print or illustrated plant prints, that will compliment their indoor garden.



The fancy one

This person enjoys the finer things in life and knows how to enjoy it. The downside is they have everything already. Whilst their wardrobe is filled with designer clothes and the kitchen is scatted with the latest gadgets, this year keep things simple and gift them the one thing they don't yet own, but definitely need. Our elegant and stylish line art prints are sure to satisfy their extravagant taste (without breaking your own wallet in the process!)


Red Lips Line Art Print

So there you go, our selection of gift ideas for those most difficult to buy for, we hope you found the perfect gift for them this Christmas. But if you're still struggling don't forget you can still get a customised print made especially for that special person, go to our contact page to make your request.

December 01, 2018 — Graphic Print Company
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