Cheetah Print with Wooden Hanging Frame

Prints are a great way to brighten up any room in your house. They can be personal; they can be vibrant and colourful, or they can be interesting and stylish. Another great thing about prints is that you can truly make them your own, by finding the best way to style them.

Frames are a great way to make sure that your print really stands out. Of course, the classic way to style prints is to add a wooden frame and this can still look truly beautiful in any room. However, there are now lots of different ways that you can bring your prints to life.

Traditional glass frames

A simple and classic way to hang up your prints is to have them in a glass frame. Glass frames are a great option because they work with a range of colours and room styles and they allow the print to really be the focal point, working with them and complementing them. Some people may worry that glass frames are too delicate, but truth be told that they are made to be just as strong and durable as other options.

Art Deco 1920's Print 

Hanging frames

Another classic way to finish off a print is to add a hanging wooden frame. Wooden frames are great because they can warm up a wall as well as giving a sense of added texture. They not only work in rooms that are decorated in a warm and inviting way, but also those that are more neutral too.

Our beautifully designed hanging frames are handcrafted by us here in the UK, made from high-quality wood, that makes for an easy and stylish way to display your prints. Available in a range of sizes and colours to suit all types of artwork! 

Complete with hanging rope, it is super easy to secure your print, just line your artwork up with the edge of the wood and place the panels together. The magnets will hold your artwork in place without causing any damage, so you can effortlessly change your artwork as you please.

handmade Wooden Hanging Frame


Fun ways to frame your prints

Not sure that either of these approaches are right for you? Want to try something different? Framing prints can be finished in a variety of ways that you might not even think about.  Some people love the idea of letting the print be the focus by simply pinning it straight to the wall. Others may want to try out adding them to clipboards and then hanging those on the wall. Clipboard frames are a great statement in any home and a home office is the prefect place to showcase a collection of motivational and inspiring prints beautifully displayed on a collection of clipboard frames. 


But First Coffee Print


Feeling creative?

If you are feeling particularly arty or creative, then you could  try to make the frame yourself. There are plenty of tutorials out there that you can follow to make a hand-made frame for yourself. However, one of the best that we have seen is to use washi tape. This is not only great fun to do, but it will make a bright and colourful frame that will really add another dimension to the print that you want to display. Create a perfectly in-perfect border for your prints and have fun experimenting with all the different colours and patterns of tape that you use to really make your prints pop with colour on your wall.


Washi tape gallery wall art


If you are looking for the ideal frame for your print, then why not check out the range of frames that we have in our collection? Completely handmade, these wooden hanging frames are not only stylish, but they are also unique and personal too.

They really are the ideal way to make sure that your print stands out and becomes a focal point in your home.


Handmade Wooden Hanging Frame


January 31, 2021 — Graphic Print Company

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